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Does there exist an excellent reader for DjVU with the the key property i.e. the support for DropBox so I can download DjVU files easily to it from my DropBox and upload stuff to DropBox from it?

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I haven't found any yet but I have tried most highly-ranked apps. For DropBox support, I know only GoodReader but it does not support DjVU. Trials > 1. [No] "DjVu Reader" here: does not work. > > 2. [No] DjVu Viewer here: no search, limited. > 3. [No] Stanza here has poor cross-platform support. – hhh Oct 20 '12 at 11:02

On my iPad, Djvu reader works fine now, and it dates back to in update in August or September.

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Does it have Dropbox support? – Mark Nov 28 '12 at 11:13

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