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I'm copying my question from AskUbuntu (Part of stack exchange) to here, I think they'd prefer me to go here, since I seem to be getting no activity on my question:

So Ubuntu 12.10 came out today (Actually, now yesterday), and ever since I got my Macbook, I haven't really been able to try Ubuntu again (I got it in September and have been using Ubuntu since 8.04 on my old computer). I have Mac OS X Mountain Lion installed and Windows 7 installed using Bootcamp. I also have rEFIt installed and both OSes boot up fine... now I just need to figure out how to install Ubuntu with both OSes being happy. Because Windows uses MBR there isn't really room for another partition (Now there is a Recovery Partition starting with Lion... so EFI + Recovery + ML + Windows = 4 paritions). Has anyone had any success in Triple Booting?

I don't want to Virtualize, I want to use it natively. And I really don't want to resort to WUBI, it feels like I'm cheating, and that's a horrible solution for things.

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