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There are many apps that have search over the names of the files but not all content in the files. It is very slow to test all apps such as iAnnotate, PDF Expert, Amazing PDF Expert and GoodReader. Which app search over all content in PDFs?

For non-PDF files and files without OCR, please, see

Search over different types of documents such as DjVU sometimes without OCR?

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iOS's built-in Spotlight search doesn't work? (to search click the home button once more from the first app screen) –  Nilloc Oct 19 '12 at 5:25
Your edit resulted in two questions. This site works much better if we keep things separate, it's also easier to answer and accept this way (how would you accept two answers if one of them answers question a) and the other answers question b)?). I've edited the question accordingly, feel free to create a new one for the rest or take the discussion to meta if you don't agree with the policy. –  patrix Mar 5 '13 at 5:55
@patrix yes, now? Your comment became old because I did as you wanted. –  hhh Mar 5 '13 at 11:44

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enter image description here

I use iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone to search over study materials in the picture. Things have changed and competition heating up: new Readle Docs and Adobe with its cloud. I am still testing but it looks like Adobe's softwares could be the best bet to handle its PDF format such as making things searchable.

It requires quite amount of computation power to add the OCR layer so I doubt the time when it is available in iPad. So I recommend to search in iPad and add the OCR layer in desktop unless some online OCR-layer-addition tool. I haven't yet found the latter thing.

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