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I was wondering if there's any package in Cydia or iPhone app that would allow me to change the inline remote buttons behavior. I often walk around the cydia with my headphones on and speaking the VoiceOver commands is really unconfortable.

I can normally reach my iphone from my pocket to switch up or down the volume, so I would like to use the headset buttons to skip songs.

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Double clicking the center button will skip to the next song in the iPod app normally, I don't know if jailbreaking would affect that. – Neth Jan 26 '11 at 14:40
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In case anyone needs this too I've found that the package External iPod controls ($0.99), lets me remap my iPhone external volume buttons to change songs, so I can skip to the next song pressing the volume buttons when my iPhone is in my pocket, and I can still control the volume levels from my headset buttons.

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activator in cydia is what you are looking for. Complete button remapping/shortcut creator.

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