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I use network setup to modify my search domains which works fine so far, but it only does it per device. Once I VPN somewhere, it no longer uses those changes. Is there a way to set the search domains globally (ie. for every device: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and VPN) on Mac OS X Lion?

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Can you add your resolv.conf into the question? – DogEatDog Oct 17 '12 at 4:26

enter image description hereThere was a similar issue in 2002 with OS X. I found a few articles about it and I've been able to address this issue by simply adding "local" to the Search Domains in the advanced network properties of my network interface. This has allowed those of connecting via VPN to resolve .local hosts.

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worx on yosemite – Hertzel Guinness Nov 11 '14 at 8:32

Why not just add it to the adapter in question? i.e. ethernet or Wi-Fi: can be overwritten by something else/update and you will forget it. The url above is the "supported" way to add the domain search path to the DNS query.

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