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I'm divorced now and I've updated my name in iCloud but when I send an email from email my hyphenated name still comes up. How do I change that?

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You might want to add a screen shot of what you are doing or some context to help. There is a web interface to iCloud, Windows and Mac and iOS all can send emails. The mail interface should let you change the name... – bmike Oct 15 '12 at 20:38

Assuming that you're trying to change your full name (and not the email address itself), you can follow the directions in this Cnet article:

First log into, then click the Mail icon to open the Webmail application. In the Webmail application, click the gear at the top right and choose "Preferences" from the menu that appears, and you should see a window that appears with settings specific to your e-mail account. Click the Accounts section and you should see editable fields for Description and Full Name. Fill in your desired full name to display, and save the settings.

enter image description here

Note: Image courtesy of Cnet

Your updated full name should then be used by the email address. The article also discusses how to change the displayed full name in the OS X mail client, but this example is a bit more generic.

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