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The Reminders application understands the reminders: URL scheme, so that you can invoke it, for instance, from Terminal as open reminders: (use of // is optional).

What I'm looking for is documentation of further elements of this scheme. Specifically, I want to construct URLs that allow me to do the following:

  • open a specific list
  • open a specific reminder

I've tried things like reminders:74771907-EA34-4848-A935-0C839AE123CC using both list and reminder-item identifiers, but to no avail.

Update: jeeyul's answer points out that Reminders-related URL schemes are undocumented, which would likely cause rejection of apps that use them when submitted to the OSX/iOS App Store.
For private use, however, this is not an issue.


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I don't know the details of URL scheme. However the scheme is x-apple-reminder not reminders It can launch reminder app at least.

However the host and path rule is not revealed yet. Reminder widget can open Reminder with specific EKReminder, So, there must be a scheme definition for it.

The scheme x-apple-reminder is undocumented, So using it should be rejected.

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Thanks - curiously, for merely launching the Reminders app on OSX, reminders:// works just as well as x-apple-reminder:// However, I've up-voted your answer for mentioning the latter, because it turns out that you can at least open specific reminders with it - see my [half-]answer. Incidentally, that the Reminder widget can open an individual reminder doesn't necessarily mean that it's using a URL to do so. – mklement0 Dec 15 '14 at 15:52
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jeeyul's answer mentions x-apple-reminder as an alternative URL scheme.

While both reminders:// and x-apple-reminder:// work on OSX to merely launch the Reminders app, it turns out that the following works only with x-apple-reminder://, which shows how to open (jump to) a specific reminder:


Example: from Terminal, open the reminder whose ID is 0BFDC528-306D-47A7-8E8F-895ACCDC6FFA:

open x-apple-reminder://0BFDC528-306D-47A7-8E8F-895ACCDC6FFA

However, doing the same for a reminder list does NOT work, so this part of my question is still unanswered - I'm still marking it as accepted for at least providing a partial solution.

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