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So, I have a really weird problem with OS X 10.8.2. When I last configured it from scratch for the last time (the release of Mountain Lion), I was using the Apple keyboard. So, the default input method is the Belgian one.

But since, I bought another keyboard (Corsair K60). And as the keyboard layout is a bit different from classic Apple layout, I made my own with Ukelele.

It's been working really well since, I think, the last extra update pour 10.8.2. Since then, every time I switch to an app where you mainly type text (Notes, Sparrow, Twitter client, ... But not with Messages weirdly), OS X switch the input method to Belgian. And I can't switch back to my custom one.

I've already checked I've selected the option : "Use the same input method for all documents" is activated. So, I'm a bit stuck here. Any help ?

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If the custom keyboard layout is in ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts/, have you tried moving it to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/? That would normally prevent it from being switched to a default layout in password dialogs.

If you don't need the Belgian layout, there's also a hacky way to disable the default layouts.

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Moving it to /Library/Keyboard Layouts/ seems to have solve the problem, thank you :) – Axiol Oct 16 '12 at 10:52

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