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i have a dell 3010cn printer, and a iMac

having some trouble getting it installed, i know that its not officially supported but i installed foomatic-rip and ghostscript and downloaded the pxldpl PPD file but i wont actually print though it can connect to the printer

the printer is connected to my LAN

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Can you print if you connect locally? – Nathan Greenstein Jan 23 '11 at 22:10
havent tried that, maybe, but its in another room so its not a practical option, but i could try it just for kicks – loosecannon Jan 23 '11 at 22:21

I was able to achieve success. On my Ubuntu box I got it to print over wifi, And on the mac I could print through the Ubuntu Box as a print server. I used the windows box I have as a server and it worked. No control of any options though. Never Could print directly though.

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This Dell driver is for the 3110cn. Maybe it will work?

As you can see from the Google discussions results, many people have tried without success.
Sorry to say, it looks like this isn't possible possible over the LAN.

A Mac should be able to print to almost any printer connected by USB, with or without specific drivers.

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May be relevant:

From link:

I had to issue a retraction last week, as I discovered the 3010CN does not in fact have a PostScript engine in it, but a Windows GDI engine for which I'm not aware of CUPS drivers.

No postscript engine likely means its a non-starter for Lin & Mac. Sorry.

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