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I have recently had my iPhone replaced. An order for the free bumper case had already been placed using my old phone for which I received a confirmation email, but I did not get an email stating that the order had been cancelled when the phone was replaced.

If I launch the free iphone case application I am able to place another order, but I do not want to if my current one is en-route.

Does anyone know what's happening in this scenario?

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Have you tried calling AppleCare? – Chealion Aug 27 '10 at 3:57

You likely will be able to order, and receive, another case. I had purchased a bumper for my iPhone 4 a few days after I got it, and yet the free case app let me order another case for free in addition to refunding my bumper purchase.

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The iPhone 4 Case Program app allowed me to order another case directly after getting my replacement phone. I was determined to do the right thing and wait to see if my original shipment was fulfilled before ordering another one. It seems that my original order has shipped and I can no longer order another case through the app.

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