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What are the following (default) iDisk folders used for:

  • Backup
  • Groups
  • Library
  • Sites
  • Software
  • Web

If you delete them and wait a few minutes they will re-appear, but I do not know what they are used for. There is a document in them explaining their use, but it is still not clear.

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  • Backup is used by the MobileMe Backup application. I don't recommend using it.
  • Groups is for a now defunct Groups feature that they used to have.
  • Library is used for MobileMe's syncing feature - primarily for Preferences and Bookmarks.
  • Sites is used for webpages or anything you want shared at http://homepage.mac.com/username/. Note: PHP files, CGI files, etc. don't work. It only works with static content.
  • Software contains free software provided by Apple to MobileMe customers (eg. the Backup application) - this doesn't affect your disk usage.
  • Web is a folder used by iWeb - otherwise it's nearly identical to the Sites folder but is available at http://web.me.com/username
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Ah, so they are mostly useless for a lot of people. Wish they could be permanently removed :( –  Nippysaurus Aug 27 '10 at 5:56
Why do you want to remove them ? They don't take any space (if empty). –  Studer Aug 27 '10 at 6:10

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