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I've received a number of videos encoded in Apple ProRes 422, and it plays fine in QuickTime 7 or X. However, I can't open them in any other player (VLC, mplayer, etc. etc.). What can I do to let other player be able to read the file? Thanks.

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Have you tried QuickTime's Save For Web option? This should let you save it in an MPEG file, which you can play anywhere.

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Thanks for the idea, I guess I can do that. But I am hoping for a way to open the original file directly without the video going through another conversion, where it might suffer (even a slight) loss of quality. – hpy Jan 21 '11 at 21:57

Here is a link to the ProRes decoder supplied by Apple:

I imagine the only way to get another player to handle the files is to find a way for it to piggy-back on this.

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