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I like to display my own images using the Mac OS X screensaver, but it seems that Mountain Lion has shortened the duration for which each image is displayed. The duration is too short for my tastes – that is, the screensaver changes images too quickly. I searched online but could not find an explanation of how to change the refresh rate; I also looked inside the likely preferences files (~/Library/Preferences/ and ~/Library/Preferences/ and none of the properties there appear relevant.

Is there a way to change the rate at which images are shown?

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Found the solution!

I followed these instructions and it worked for me!

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I can confirm this works for the "Classic" effect as well. Thank you for finding this and posting the answer! – mhucka Feb 4 '13 at 16:15
Unfortunately, that link is down right now. Could you reproduce the answer here? – Stefano Palazzo Aug 5 '13 at 8:26
@StefanoPalazzo Oops, I'm sorry, I never checked back here and didn't see your request until now. The gist of the answer is that you need to modify the integer value of the field JustASlide/mainDuration in the file /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Slideshows.framework/Versions/A/Resources/Con‌​tent/EffectDescriptions.plist. The units are seconds, and the default value is 3. Note that you will also need to change the permissions on the file and the folder before being able to edit the file. – mhucka Mar 5 '14 at 19:07

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