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I have some FileMaker databases being served for dev purposes and I keep bumping into occurrences where the database/file is locked and I can't make changes to it.

How can I determine what application is touching/using this file so I can kill it?

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Have you tried using the terminal command

$ lsof 'Filename'

For a more detailed look at the file use

$ lsof | grep -f 'Filename'

Should give you the command that is using it and also the PID of that file

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The file is named Data.fmp12, so when I cd into that directory and run lsof 'Data.fmp12', the terminal pauses a moment and then just displays another blank command prompt – SWL Oct 12 '12 at 16:25

Try adding sudo. I set up a similar setup with the same file name, it would only appear if the file was open somewhere in a application. It didn't show up until I added the sudo tough.

sudo lsof | grep /path/to/file/Data.fmp12
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