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Hello all I just installed iOS 4.3 beta version available for developers on my iPhone4. Now I want to go back to version 4.2. But iTunes displays the version 4.3 installed. How can I do this?

Can somebody throw some light on this?


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It seems you missed the "Read Me Before Downloading" section at the top of the 4.3 beta page:

Devices updated to iOS 4.3 beta can not be restored to earlier versions of iOS. Devices will be able to upgrade to future beta releases and the final iOS 4.3 software.

According to Apple, anyway, no, you can't revert to 4.2.

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Yes, these are meant to be deployed on development devices and you cannot rollback. Beta 2 is out since yesterday. Time to update to already lower the issues but you'll have to wait the final release to get a stable version if you installed it on a production device. – LudoMC Jan 20 '11 at 9:45

Well technically if you have jailbroken before and saved your SHSH you can downgrade your iphone (this should apply to all ios devices and exact steps may vary)

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