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I've recently upgraded from iPhoto '08 to '11 and am in the process of cleaning up my geotagging. Most of my photos had been geotagged outside of iPhoto, but for a lot of them it wasn't as accurate as I'd like. So what I've done is flag all of the photos where I'd like to zero in a little more on the map. Working one at a time I can just select the photo and, in the info pane, drag the existing pin a little bit to a new location on the map. Works fine.

However, I have large swaths of photos which are all very nearly in the exact same spot (taken in the same room in a building, for example). When I highlight multiple photos, though, the map in the info pane doesn't let me drag the pin. (I'm guessing that the pin shown is for only a single photo, such as the first one selected.) Is there a way I can re-assign the place on the map for multiple photos?

Edit: Requested screen cap: alt text

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That's so weird considering it used to let you do it. I'm trying to set the location of a batch and I don't want to do it one by one. They've even got the batch change option, "place" should have been there before. And it should be there now. – user3868 Feb 23 '11 at 8:37

I think I've found a way. Remove any places that are already assigned to individual photos in the album/event. Then select all the photos and set a location. It should now assign that location to all the photos.

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