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I have a registered Apple Developer account. However, I cannot view the following pages:

Do I need to join the iOS Developer Program ($99/year) just to view those documentations?

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The last link i.e. Passbook Support Materials seems to be an independent issue: – moey Oct 8 '12 at 2:14
What sort of registered account do you have? – bmike Jan 7 '14 at 19:58

Yes - those links are pre-release and protected to iOS registered developers. You might get by with an educational account - but most developers use the $99/year plan to gain access to the Provisioning Portal.

Provisioning devices for testing your application on real iPhones rather than the simulator does require a membership, as does any pre-release software or documentation. However, Passbook is not pre-release documentation any more; with the release of iOS 6, they have published public documentation, so you can view this. If you need more information as to what the $99/year membership gives you access to, view their iOS Developer Program page.

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