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I have MS Office 14.2.4, a.k.a. “the Office 2011 update that added Retina support”. However, when I insert a PDF into my document, it seems to me that it does not display at the native Retina resolution, but at half-resolution. The PDF contains vector graphics and text, so the resolution issue does not come from the PDF. To give an example, here is a screenshot of PDF image inserted:

enter image description here

You can clearly see the difference in resolution between the text in the Word document (the “Figure 1…” line) and the text and graphics in the PDF image once inserted in the Word document (the rest).

I haven't manage to find any information about that issue on the web, so I wonder: do others see the same problem? Is it documented by Microsoft? Is there a workaround?

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If you look at the YouTube video on this Microsoft blog: http://blog.officeformac.com/retina-display-support-is-here-for-office-for-mac-2011/ - maybe this will help on your problem, until Microsoft and Apple has found a better solution.

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This is not it. The update worked okay, and I now enjoy the nice Retina-crisp Word (as seen in the text in the screenshot). My problem is that apparently, PDF inclusion is not Retina-compatible, even though the rest of MS Office is. –  F'x Oct 6 '12 at 12:59
Have you upgraded to 14.3.9? If so, are you still having the issue? –  SoilSciGuy Mar 18 at 22:11

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