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Can someone help me with this. As I am new to iPhone and itunes. I have couple of songe (audio format) downloaded from internet and added into "My Music" in itunes. I have synced my iphone 5 with itunes in my PC. But on iPhone where these songs would have been downloaded?? When I go to the itunes tab on iphone 5 it takes me straight to it main page and if I go the downloaded ones then that one is empty.

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Which format are these songs in (MP3, WAV, AAC etc)? Did you either select "Sync all music" or selected the songs for syncing? – patrix Oct 7 '12 at 15:41

The iTunes app on the iPhone is for browsing the iTunes store. The Downloads tab there only shows you songs that are currently being downloaded from the store. If I understand correctly, you're tapping this:

Check the Music app on the phone instead - synced music should show up there:

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