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On previous versions of OS X I used to be able to go to a file in Safari, click and drag on the favicon and take it over to my downloads window, which would then download that file.

So for instance if i was listening to this file and wanted to download it in Lion. All I had to do was drag the icon in the address bar over to the download window.

Now I can't do that anymore. In fact I have no idea how to download that file except to make a webpage with the a href and then right click the link.

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Another case of Apple removing a feature for no apparent reason. – supertrue May 16 '13 at 1:14

Actually, in Safari 6.x when the location bar has focus, +S brings up the export dialog to save the current page as an archive.

That's not what you want, however.

You want to download some component from a site like an mp3 or a Java jar that you know the path to, but there's no exposed link.

+ (option-return) to the rescue. Edit the URL in the location bar and press +. It will magically transfer over to the download view, just like you used to be able to drag it.

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Media files are saved in the original format at least on 10.8. (Even though the format is shown as page source.) – user495470 Oct 10 '12 at 1:17

You can just press ⌘S, or press ⌥↩ when the location bar has focus.

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