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I have a Mac and a jailbroken iPad. Jailbreaking is perfectly legal where I write this. I can scp and rsync to the device (i.e. I can file-transfer), how would I best transfer some movies to watch on the iPad?

  • Which folder on the iPad?
  • Which app on the iPad? (preferably: free)

Any combination that works without using iTunes would do.

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If you want to watch with the built in iTunes Player, I would suggest Music2iPod, a free app that can access any file (including videos) on a jailbroken iDevice and add it to the iTunes library. To add the video file to your device I would suggest connecting with a GUI SCP program (like Cyberduck) and transferring to the default directory (it really doesn't matter where, as long as you have read/write access and can remember it), then navigating to this with Music2iPod, which will then add the video to your iPod library for you.

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