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I had an app on my MacBook that I never used. I recently did a clean install of Mountain Lion on the same MacBook (not using the Migration Assistant or anything to copy my old data). I reinstalled the apps that I wanted from the App Store (and obviously didn't install the ones I used to have that I no longer wanted).

Now the App Store shows one of my old apps in the updates tab, even though I have never touched that app since my reinstall. There is only one app doing this, there are other apps that I didn't end up installing that I used to have, but they don't appear as updates like this one.

I have tried everything to get rid of the app from the updates. I have even succumbed to the frustration and clicked update, which installed the app, then I deleted it from my computer, and then the app reappeared in the updates immediately.

Any help on how I can get this app to leave me alone forever would be appreciated. Is there a way I can hide an app from the updates tab?

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Go to Purchases in the Mac App Store, locate the Application you want to hide, right-click on it and choose Hide Purchase.

After a clicking the Hide Purchase button in the prompted screen, the item will fade and you no longer will receive update notifications of that Application.

To unhide it just go to Mac App Store / Store / View My Account, then click on View Hidden Purchases from the Account Information Page, and click the Unhide button.

In both cases you'll need to be logged in.

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I already have it hidden, hoping that this would be the case but the update is still visible, even though it is hidden in purchases... – Sam Oct 1 '12 at 22:21
In addition to hiding the purchase, you need to remove the application. Drag it from the Applications to the trash. – nsayer Dec 18 '12 at 6:02

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