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I am using TexLipse for working with latex, producing pdfs as output. I have configured it to use preview as viewer using this command line:

open -a "/Applications/" %fullfile

Where %fullfile is the name of the file to be opened. TexLipse supports the adding of a %line argument, that can be passed to the viewer to make it jump to the position where the cursor in the editor is at. However, I could not find a way or any documentation on how to pass that argument to preview. Can anyone explain how to achieve this? Is it even possible?

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If you are working with LaTeX, you should use not

Skim has support for moving bi-directionally between LaTeX source and the PDF, to a specific line in either the source or PDF file.

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Not possible with Preview. It can go to a specific page, but that's as close as you can get. And I doubt that's baked into the CL access.

You can get the free Adobe Reader for Mac here. It must be able to do this...

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It is possible with but it wasn't designed for this so it is a bit of a hack.

Turn on GUI scripting, then make a script that simulates pressing the down arrow, then call that script n times.

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