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Can I move ENTIRE folders (Pages documents, Numbers spreadsheets, photos) to iCloud, or do I have to move each separately...documents to Pages app, spreadsheets to Numbers app and photos to iPhoto? I have 10.7.5 OS...can I move entire Folder on new Mountain Lion OS? Thanks.

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This isn't the "supported" procedure, but there's a good chance it will work to move a large number of documents to iCloud.

You still have to move documents kind by kind, but not within particular programs.

In the Finder, select the documents (not a folder; the Pages (for instance) that are in the folder) that you want moved to iCloud.

Select Copy from the Edit menu.

Press G to Go to Folder.

Type ~/Library/Mobile Documents/

If the folder com~apple~Pages exists, double-click it; if not, create it then double-click it.

Select Paste from the Edit menu.

Repeat for the different kinds of files you want to open in their respective apps via iCloud.

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