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I wish to get rid of the Lion 10.7.5 AddressBook book-like interface a.k.a. leather appearance a.k.a. skeuomorphic design.

Usually this kind of setting can be change from the debug menu.

However $ defaults write com.apple.AddressBook ABShowDebugMenu -bool true does not enable the debug menu in AddressBook.

How to enable this debug menu or make addresbook look like 10.6 Addressbook?

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This osxdaily.com post let me to LionTweaks utility to do the job. It seems that LionTweaks launches installers that are originally from macnix.blogspot.nl.

LionTweaks version 2.0.2 on 10.7.5 give me back the old aluminium/grey/10.6 look for iCal although the top text has a yellow/brownish shade.

Address book becomes grey but still feels like the 10.7 address*book*.

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