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In Keynote '09, is there any way to move the focus between the slides drawer on the left side and the main window with the slide itself, without using the mouse or trackpad?

E.g., when I have made a new slide with shift-cmd-N (then this is automatically selected in the drawer), can I start writing in the slide without having to take my hands off the keyboard to use the mouse?

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You can set and check keyboard shortcuts in SystemPrefrences > Keyboard > [Keyboard & Text Input] for the entries: Move focus to the floating window ^F6 Move focus to the window drawer ⌥⌘'

These defaults may vary depending on the keyboard layout and language you're using.

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Thanks for your reply. Have you verified that these shortcuts work for Keynote, though? For me they work for other apps, but not for keynote... –  Nagel Oct 1 '12 at 7:17

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