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I am using DeployStudio to distribute my Mac images and when I create a new image the recovery partiton seems to be deleted on the new Retinas. I have followed this in the past,, and it worked fine on older models. On the Retinas it will create the partition but not let me boot to it. I get the "no" symbol.

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That process seems to install a 10.7.2 version of the recovery partition. The Retina MBPs were released with a special build of 10.7.4, so they won't be able to boot off a recovery partition based on the earlier version.

To get a working partition for the rMBPs, try using these instructions with the 10.7.5 (or 10.8.x) installer. Alternatively, if you want to stay on 10.7.4, you could do a clean restore from Internet Recovery on one of the rMBPs to get the default restore partition back, and use that as a source to clone to the others.

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Would internet recovery not result in the latest release being downloaded? I always thought the only way to have a reinstall of old versions was to have one lying around. – Megan Walker Apr 11 '13 at 20:18

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