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  • in Dictionary, I am at the Wikipedia page for something; or
  • in a Services-capable web browser such as Safari I select a phrase, then use the contextual menu to Look Up "…" (and that thing is found in Wikipedia).


Open the Wikipedia URL in the web browser. Ideally in a new tab or new window.

In the past, I could do so quickly – without multiple steps.

In Mountain Lion now, I can't do so. I doubt that the feature/routine is lost … more likely forgotten by me (I have used Mountain Lion for a few months, but I can't recall when I last used the Wikipedia routine outlined above).


How can I open quickly – in a web browser – a Wikipedia URL from Dictionary or from the Look Up "…" dialogue?

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In at the foot of the page there's an option:

  • View web page.

This is not the routine that I recall.

Also the URL is not what's required – example: I want but Dictionary links to

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