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I have some Visa points which I am considering spending on an Apple TV.

According to my bank's website, Apple TV model they offer is MD199C/A. This seems to correspond to what Apple calls the Order Number (which is not the same as what Apple calls the Model Number).

Using Mactracker, I found that the latest 3rd Generation Apple TV's Order Number is MD199LL/A, which is a bit different from what the bank's website is saying, although quite similar.

Does anyone know if the Apple TV with the Order Number MD199C/A is the latest, 3rd generation model? What is the difference between MD199C/A and MD199LL/A, if any?

Many thanks in advance.

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Are you in Canada by any chance? The MD199C/A code seems to be for the 3rd generation Apple TV in Canada, whereas the -LL/A code is the part number in the US. I'm not aware of any differences between the two (other than the limitations on Canadian iTunes, such as more limited iCloud TV/Movie accessibility).

You can verify these numbers by adding the Apple TV to your cart in the US or Canadian online Apple Stores.

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Aha! So that's what it means! I am indeed in Canada. Thanks! :) – Leif Sep 26 '12 at 3:50

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