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While using the application CodeRunner with C#, whenever I try to "run" the program it gives me this error:

bash: Run Command: No such file or directory.

How can I resolve this?

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Have you installed Mono and added the configuration to CodeRunner to enable C# support?

I found a solution if you have installed Mono over at MacRumors forums posted by user David Sheeks outlined below:

Configure CodeRunner

Open the CodeRunner Preferences dialog, go to the "Languages" tab, click the "+" icon and and specify "C#" as the Language name.

On the right you have fields where you can populate the language settings. Check the "Language uses compilation script" check box, enter /usr/bin/mono $compiler for the Run Command and set the File Extension to cs

Click the "Edit Script..." button and append the following to the script (this will open in the CodeRunner editor):

/usr/bin/mcs "$file"
if [ $status -ne 0 ]
exit $status
echo $file | sed -e "s/\.cs/.exe/"
exit 0

Mono installs it's compiler and runtime executable in /usr/bin and this is verified with the current version of the Mono SDK.

If you have done part of the above, and not setup the path's correctly, I would assume that the missing path it's complaining about is the fact that you either a) haven't installed Mono and the config can't find the compiler or b) youve installed Mono and the config in CodeRunner is invalid.

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Note that due to the new updates in OS X 10.11 with system integrity protection (rootless), you will have to specify the path as /usr/local/bin/mono $compiler with the latest version of Mono (4.0.4 at the time of writing). – safwanc Oct 6 '15 at 21:36

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