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I want to use the new notify me feature in find my friends, so I can know when they arrive at XX or leave from YY.

I have two friends set up in Find my Friends.

I have upgraded to the new iOS 6. This is a new iPad.

When I am in the find my friends app, I can see the "notify me" button, but it is greyed out slightly and pressing it does not work. Weirdly, if I hold my finger down on it, the classic spinning clock flower icon thing briefly spins as if it started to try something.

Any ideas?

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did you allow Find My Friends to send push notifications? (Settings > Notifications > Not In Notification Center) – Ethan Lee Sep 22 '12 at 5:39

This has to do with your friends and not your device. I haven't nailed down exactly why some of my friends allow me to set geo-fenced alerts and others do not.

I don't see a setting to disable it other than the Show Geofence Alerts From: which implies that I can restrict those I see - not those I share with.

Sorry I can't offer a perfect fix, but this is something on the account / friend's side of things and not a switch you can control on your device.

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