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When I run VMware Fusion in Unity mode, sometimes I need to get to the taskbar - usually to run Quick Launch programs and occasionally to open the Windows menu, but I don't want the taskbar always there taking up desktop space.

So - is there a way to set a key combination to pop up the taskbar, or simply toggle VMware's "show taskbar" setting without going through the drop-down menu?

I tried setting the taskbar visible and configuring the Windows setting to auto-hide the taskbar, but the auto-hiding does not seem to work.

Alternatively, what are people's recommended ways for launching Windows apps, opening Explorer, etc. - i.e., everything you usually use the taskbar for - while in Unity mode?

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Okay - so I did not realize that the VMWare drop down menu also contains an applications menu and that you can assign a hot-key to it in "application menu settings" under the VMWare drop down menu. –  Colin Sep 18 '12 at 14:09

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