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I've got a curious little problem going on over here. I've got an old late 2006 iMac (the white one). Was sportin' 1gb of ram, so I went and bought some more (4gb). Actually I bought two of those, and installed 4gb into another iMac no problem.

Installed them into the white iMac and it wouldn't boot. Has a funny little mechanical sound that revs up, clicks, fails and then tries again over and over.

  • Reinserted the original 2 512mb sticks, works
  • Inserted one new stick in the top rack, works
  • Inserted same new stick in bottom rack, works
  • Inserted the second new stick in bottom rack, works

And then a few more intermittent attempts with both new 2gb sticks installed... no boot.

What the what?

EDIT Found it. Turns out it's an early 2006 iMac which only supports 2gb.

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You should put your edit into an answer and accept it. – CajunLuke Sep 12 '12 at 22:46

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