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I've got an early 2011 Macbook Pro on which I've installed Windows XP. The installation went fine until the point at which I inserted my Mac OS disk to install the drivers. My Mac OS disk apparently only has Windows 7 drivers. I need Windows for a single program for class, so buying a newer OS isn't really a viable option.

I managed to get Boot Camp 2.2 running smoothly using an older Mac OS disc to install 2.0, and then upgrading via Apple's downloads from there. Unfortunately, 2.2 doesn't have the drivers necessary for my laptop, and, for some reason, Apple's downloads jump from Boot Camp V2.2 to V3.1.

I don't even really need a full Boot Camp update, only a driver for Airport, or my Ethernet hookup, so that I can perform a software update on the Windows side.

I'm wondering now if the necessary Boot Camp drivers may be floating around out there somewhere, or if Apple simply stopped supporting XP with my computer's hardware.

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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