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I am looking for a solution that would allow me to use color highlighting to a set of important output messages inside iTerm terminal application.

Things to highlight:

  • application logs file warnings, errors and fatals (apache, nginx, tomcat)
  • compiler output
  • other similar errors/warnings

enter image description here

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what exactly is your question here? If it's the question in the title, what do you mean with "optimal"? – patrix Sep 4 '12 at 13:15
Hmm - let me see if I can help - you have some of the answer in the question. As edited, it's still a bit too much in the category of "•every answer is equally valid: “What’s your favorite ______?” •your answer is provided along with the question, and you expect more answers: “I use ______ for ______, what do you use?” – bmike Sep 4 '12 at 13:46
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iTerm supports coloring of console output based on a set of regular expressions. You can set them up in Preferences > Profiles > Advanced > Triggers > Edit.

Here is my current set of regexes:

(?i:.*error.*)                     // Yellow on Black
(?i:.*(warning|warn).*)            // Orange on Black
(?i:.*FATAL.*)                     // White on Red

iTerm regexes in a profile’s Triggers

You are welcome to improve it :)

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Any idea what version of iTerm this was introduced? I can't find this option in Build 0.10 – Sridhar-Sarnobat Oct 29 '15 at 20:15

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