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I have a TV and an AV-receiver which are DLNA-capable and which are attached to my home network together with a Windows 7 desktop and a MBP running OSX Lion. I can access audio from both computers using a DLNA-server software on either computer (built in DLNA-server on Windows, PS3Media Server on OSX). So far this setup works fine and i can browse through my audio on the receiver.

However the TV and the receiver also act as UPNP/DLNA media renderer. For example I can use my phone to display photos on the TV (e.g. using the Twonky app on Android). On Windows, I can use Windows Media Player to play audio on either device without having to touch any remote control. I select the track/playlist I want to listen to, right click select "Play on" (maybe not the exact wording as my Windows is German) and select one of the two devices (e.g. the AVR for audio). Now I'm looking for the same for OSX. Either an application/media player which can use a media renderer as output device or an app which redirects all audio output to such a device. Does anybody know such software?

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Yes, you need to find UPnP Controller for Mac.

For example http://oss.linn.co.uk/trac/wiki/Kinsky is one of freeware. You can drag files to your UPnP device to play. Create playlist. Start streaming from UPnP server serources etc.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks! Will try asap ;) –  Mathias Sep 20 '12 at 11:29

I have exactly the same question. I want to be able to stream video from Mac as you can do with BubbleUPnP player from Android phone. You just select UPnP device (XBMC in my case) as Media renderer and the action starts - Phone plays the video and TV starts to produce picture and sound.

What should be looking for? UPnP Media Controller for Mac ?

EDIT: The closest I have found is www.skifta.com - you can use your Android phone to start videos from your Mac/PC to be displayed in your UPnP device. Which is almost OK for my needs. You just need to install thing in your Mac and Application in your phone. So phone acts like remote control between your computer and Media center.

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Try SofaPlay. There is a free version to see if it will work for you. The paid version allows unlimited video streaming instead of 2min for the free version.

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