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I just upgraded to Mountain Lion, and now it looks like I need to reinstall the SVN client binary. I realize I can do this via Homebrew, but isn't this also included in an Apple package in the Mac App Store?

I heard it was removed from the XCode package...

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Xcode actually has SVN bundled in its .app directory. Its available at /Applications/ (If you put in your Applications folder). You can add this path to your PATH, then access svn directly again.

If you need other Xcode command line tools (like gcc without installing Xcode), you can actually install them without installing Xcode first by going to Downloads for Apple Developers, and download and install the Xcode Command Line Tools.

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Ah... indeed it is! Thanks. Also for the useful link. – Marcus Sep 3 '12 at 17:07

Once you have installed XCode, you can install SVN and other command-line utilities from the Downloads pane in XCode Preferences.

enter image description here

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Hmmm... there are no components available to install in my Prefs->Downloads area of XCode. – Marcus Sep 3 '12 at 16:51

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