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Hello everyone and thank you in advance.

I have just downloaded Linux Ubuntu and put it on a disk. What i want to do is to hold C during the Mac startup so that I can choose to boot my mac through the CD with the Linux Ubuntu operating system. However, I am worried about what will happen when I run my Mac through this CD and I have some questions

  1. How do I change back between operating systems?
  2. Will the startup commands work the same?
  3. What will happen if I turn my computer off and eject the disk? Will my Mac just launch normally?
  4. Any other information about booting from a disk that may be relevant

I understand this might seem stupid but please answer if you have any idea of how this whole "boot through CD thing works"! Thank you

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  1. Just press Alt/Optn on startup.
  2. Absolutely
  3. Yes
  4. There is noting special, read here on other bootup options
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