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I have a user who is using a Mac to connect to our corporate network. He is attaching to a DFS share on a Windows Server 2003 machine using the IP address. He created a folder a few weeks ago that has 800+ MBs of data in it. Now, whenever he selects the folder, he cannot see the contents of the folder, instead he sees a "Preview" pane showing the name of the folder, the size of the folder, etc.

Screenshot of the problem

Any idea how to allow him to see the contents of the folder? I've already checked that he has NTFS perfmissions on the folder, and I (and other users) can see the contents of the folder using standard domain user accounts.

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Tip: when taking screen shots, you can press [space] after starting the shot and click on the window or UI element of interest to focus on it. – AMomchilov Aug 31 '12 at 17:53
Answer the question with that answer, rather than commenting with it. look below – AMomchilov Aug 31 '12 at 20:21
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Since I could not find any way to resolve this, I simply made a copy of the folder, then used Cut-and-Paste to move the contents over to the new folder. I then renamed the old folder as 'Old Folder', and renamed the new folder 'Images New Website' (the name of the original folder).

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