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Now that Perian is closing its doors (and thus ending support), I'd like to know if there are any alternatives to Perian - specifically alternatives that add Quicktime support for more filetypes (and thus all the benefits with Apples Video editing/burning applications)

Of the alternatives that Perian themselves have suggested, none have Perians integration with Quicktime:

Niceplayer - standalone application that relies on Perian(!)

VLC - standalone application that doesn't integrate with Quicktime

MPlayer - standalone CLI program that doesn't integrate with Quicktime

So, are there any other QuickTime-integrated codec applications out there? Bonus points if like Perian it's one application that bundles many codecs.

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If even Perian themselves do not suggest anything that has QuickTime integration — they should know — I assume you are out of luck. I miss Perian, too, but have made the switch to Zongyao Qu’s MPlayerX, which is current, useful and pretty (not the Sourceforge flavor!) …

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