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I ha a hard drive that died recently in my macbook, I've replaced the hard drive etc so no issues there. Unfortunately, it appears I wasn't backing up the notes app to iCloud, and I really need to get some back...

I've managed to get the hard drive spinning in a usb dock that I have so I can access it, but I don't know where notes was storing it's data. Any ideas?

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I have a very similar problem due to a simple migration to Mountain Lion. Everything related to my previous notes is still in place here: ~/Library/Containers/ My question is: "From this directory tree, how could I recover the possibility to read all my previous notes?" – daniel Azuelos Oct 10 '13 at 6:43
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They're in ~/Library/Containers/

You can probably just copy the whole ~/Library/Containers/ folder from the old installation.

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