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I have Chrome and Safari both installed on my Mac.

My underlying need is wanting to use Chrome on my MacBook Pro and to have all bookmarks I create to sync to mobile Safari on my iOS devices.

Yes, I could just use chrome on my iPhone, but I don't want to as iOS directs other apps to always open URL in Mobile Safari.

Is there a way to have two way sync from OS X Chrome to iOS Mobile Safari whether through a cloud service or my Mac which can run 24/7?

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Does it need to go both ways or is syncing Chrome to Safari sufficient? –  Gerry Aug 30 '12 at 14:44
This question has extra criteria which is the end goal of syncing through to iOS and not just desktop Safari so let's leave them linked and open. A good answer might arise that is chrome only... I've edited this to clearly stake out the sync requirements here. –  bmike Jan 21 at 16:03
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The chrome extension "Xmarks" may serve your needs. The extension syncs bookmarks between computers. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ajpgkpeckebdhofmmjfgcjjiiejpodla seems to be available for both chrome and safari. Then if you use icloud sync, bookmarks "should" propagate to your mobile device. Changes on the idevice would propagate back to desktop safari. What is unknown, is if you would have to periodically launch Safari on the mac to get things in sync.

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xmarks will no longer be a great solution, since any changes xmarks syncs to Safari won't be recognized by iCloud as changes, so your bookmarks won't actually sync everywhere. More info here and here. –  willzone1 May 25 '13 at 17:04
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Not only the chrome extension for xmarks, but you can use this on all browsers, ie, firefox, safari, chrome, etc. www.xmarks.com. I have used it for several years and I heard it changed from free to paid about a year ago, so not sure what all it takes now, but I am happy with the setup I have and use the web access to find my bookmarks remotely often.

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You can also use the BookMacster Mac app, which can sync bookmarks across many browsers and bookmarking services, like Pinboard.

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