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For whatever reason, I created a folder on my Mac called customer.app, and it contains a python module. I want to open that folder and it's files in applications like BBEdit and GitX, but the open dialog shows this folder as greyed out and won't let me select them.

Are there any settings or properties I can set on this folder to tell my Mac that it is just a regular old folder?

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It is doing this due to the name of the folder, ending in .app

Applications on Mac OS (and iOS for that matter) are actually 'app bundles', containing various resources and executables in a folder ending with .app.

The reason this is grayed out is because the Save/Open box would automatically filter those out.

In Mountain Lion on my MacBook Air, if I do the same thing by making a folder with .app at the end, it asks if you are sure you want to do it, and then won't even let you open it through Finder. Much less use and open or save dialog.

I would recommend renaming the folder if you can. It looks like you may have to do this through Terminal. That would be just as easy as running mv customer.app customerdotapp.

I do not know of a workaround on allowing the .app at the end of the folder name.

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A simple right-click of the folder will enable you to view the contents using "Show Package Contents."

If you're trying to access the folder from a Save/Open dialog, then try changing your view type from icons to Column mode.


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In Finder you can view the contents of a folder whose name ends in .app by doing:

CTRL+left click->Show package contents

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