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I have four machines in my airport extreme network that I need to have remote ssh logins to. While I could have just one open to the outside, my remote team members point out that having to do internal ssh hops slows them down.

To that end, I've set up port forwarding from multiple ports to multiple machines.

So the setup is:

  • port 222 => machine1:port 22
  • port 223 => machine2:port 22
  • port 224 => machine3:port 22
  • port 225 => machine4:port 22

The problem is, the fourth machine port mapping does not work. The public and private tcp port fields are constantly erased by the dialog; I've even made two sets of port forwarding rules, and they still fail. The other three machines work just fine.

Is there a limit to the number of port forwards I can perform? Is there something else that can cause the fields in this dialog to be erased?

PS. I do not have enough rep to create the tag 'port-forwarding', which I think is appropriate here.

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