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I have recently upgraded to Mountain Lion. I like the Notes application but my notes do not sync with iCloud. The Notes checkbox is checked under System Preferences as is my Calendar and Contacts.

The Calendar and Contacts are syncing fine but my notes are not. Does anybody know how to fix this?

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In the desktop Notes app, you can select whether to view / add local notes or iCloud notes. Can you confirm iCloud appears in the sidebar and is selected? – Dan J Aug 22 '12 at 23:44
Also in addition to Dans suggestion, get that the notes are not just saving locally on the iPhone. Open the notes app and tap on the accounts button in the top left. You will see On My iPhone (local only, not synced) and your iCloud account. Select each to see where there notes are living. – hellothere Aug 23 '12 at 0:06

Well, I recently discovered that notes taken on your iphone prior to enabling iCloud sync will remain on your iphone regardless whether you have your iCloud Notes sync set to on or off. The reason is that once you enable iCloud notes sync, a new account will be created for your already existing notes called "On My iPhone". More details about this, you can read here: Unable to sync iPhone notes

Notes which will sync over will only be the new notes which you create after having enabled iCloud. Unfortunately, you cannot move notes between accounts. This is one of those peculiar Apple limitations which only serve to create a clang of chatter around their products among the Apple community. I wonder if they do that on purpose! :)

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