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I wanted to test the Mouse Key functionality on my MBP and so went ahead and checked the enable mouse keys option under Universal Access settings.

As expected the trackpad was disabled and I was able to use a combination of Number and alphabet keys to move the pointer around.

However, for the life of me, I just couldnt figure out a key to uncheck the box with the pointer right over it.

I tried the return key, spacebar.....what not.

I ended up doing a force power off and power on.

Anybody know what key is used for triggering a selection??


Here is the mbp 15 inch keyboard layout: enter image description here

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Ah. In that case, there is this, from the official apple support page.

When Mouse Keys is enabled with one of these keyboards, you can use the keys 7, 8, 9, U, I, O, J, K, L, M, and '.' (period) to control movement of the mouse pointer and mouse clicking, but other numbers, letters, and keys cannot be used. (Keyboards with no numeric keypad or Num Lock key include: Apple Wireless Keyboard (2007) or newer, Apple Keyboard (Early 2009), the built-in keyboard on MacBook (Late 2007) or newer, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro (Early 2008) or newer.)

The following keys will continue to operate normally when Mouse Keys is enabled: Esc, Function keys, Eject, Delete, Tab, Shift, fn, Control, Option, Command, and the arrow keys.

A friendly link to the full article

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Press right option key five times. That will disable Mouse Keys. Or you can press the M key to emulate a click.

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Mouse keys are operated by the number pad. The keys around the edge control pointer movement, moving the mouse in their own respective directions.

To click, press the center key, number pad 5

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Pressing down on the "5" key did not trigger a click on the selection. I have update my question with a keyboard layout for reference. Thanks – user1266515 Aug 22 '12 at 15:37

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