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I have a tourist web site I want to archive for off line view on my iPad.

I want to crawl and save it in 2nd and 3rd level depth.

Which application can be recommended to save a whole site recursively off line?

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Do you want an iPad app that does this, or an application for another platform? – jmlumpkin Aug 21 '12 at 20:29
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SiteSucker is a great tool for this. They have both a Mac version, and a iOS version. I have used the Mac client a while ago.

If you want to do this on the computer, 'wget' is a great tool, and the -m flag will help you mirror the site to a local directory. You may have to install wget through homebrew or another similar tool.

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There's an app called SiteSucker that allows you to download websites. I haven't tried the iOS version, but used the desktop version extensively and happily with basic websites that I used to support/create. There were some issues with PHP sites where the resource files wouldn't come down, just the pages themselves would get retrieved.

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