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I've updated to Mountain Lion, and I'm having some DNS problems. I always PPTP/L2TP VPN connections on my macbook. Recently after a while of working with Mountain Lion, VPN stops sending and receiving data and I have to disconnect/connect again to make it work again. I'm not having the same problem with iPad, iPhone and PC.

and without the VPN, when I try pinging , and other DNSs and all I get is timeouts! But the ping works fine on my other devices. I also tried setting the DNS to Google and OpenDNS DNSs (,,, ...) but it still didn't help. I also tried emptying DNS cache and other solutions. but nothing.

I'm guessing that these two problems are tied together. Any solutions?


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change the primary DNS to your local gateway address, like or I have the same problem in PC, try it, It may be useful ;)

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In Mac OS it is set to local gateway by default if you don't provide any other DNS. So that's not the case – Sallar Kaboli Aug 21 '12 at 18:26

in windows too but set it manually, and use the "" in secondary DNS server... if u have this Problem without VPN, use one of these DNSs : or use the "namebench" software to find best local DNS server for u... ;)

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Updating to OS X 10.8.1 fixed the bug.

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