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OS X 10.8
TextMate 2 -r9283


How can I permanently force TextMate to to always default to soft tabs (use spaces, not tabs)?

I want to know how to make TextMate default to this setting so that I don't have to constantly convert tabs to spaces while working on a file.

How do you permanently tell TextMate 2 to prefer soft tabs?

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TextMate 2 uses a special file called .tm_properties to control lots of settings in the app. It will use ~/.tm_properties if present for global defaults. You can also add one inside a source tree to control settings for a particular project.

The setting you're looking for is:

softTabs = true

Just add that line to ~/.tm_properties (or create it if it doesn't exist).

You can read more about this file here.

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Put the following in ~/.tm_properties:

softWrap = true
tabSize = 4
softTabs = true
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