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Is there a time tracking that integrates with Alfred, so you can start/stop time tracking using typed commands?

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I use Harvest to track time. It has a robust API. There is a command-line tool called hcl for interacting with Harvest time sheets.

I haven't bought the Alfred Powerpack myself, but I presume that since the Powerpack includes an interface to develop your own shell scripts to extend Alfred that it would be fairly straightforward to start/stop new tasks:

$ hcl start mytaskalias adding a new feature

$ hcl stop

You've inspired me to look into this for improving my workflow. I currently use the Harvest application which has a very handy menu bar control, but being able to start/stop a timer quickly from Alfred sounds like a nice option…

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+1 for harvest. – JamiePatt Aug 16 '12 at 21:27

I just released a workflow with this functionality.

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I’m not really sure if there’s a time tracking software that integrates with AlfredApp but take a look at this project management app that has an integration with some useful Google applications, this might help you find a good alternative. In addition, most time trackers have an easy option to simply start/stop the timer. If you can find a software that requires you to simply enter a task name then that’s a good option to pick.

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